Naylan is a Complete Vocal Technique certified vocal teacher

Mary Petrou, Music teachter, ,

Naylan is a Complete Vocal Technique certified vocal teacher with a Universal Voice Master too! He is a wonderful person, an amazing singer and an excellent professional. A hidden 💎spending his summer in Κala Nera Volou.

From the moment I met him I knew that he is very passionate about what he does🎤🎶 so much that he was very excited to spent some of his vacation time with me to share his experience and teach me the basics of the CVT method, together with a few vocal/singing tricks, in a 3 day CVT workshop! His teaching approach was very interesting for me, because I already have some experience in singing from my studies at the Ionian University as a music teacher in the children’s choir conducting department, and the time we spent together was very enlightening! He sure is very experienced because he knows how to make everything look easy, and his confidence really creates a safe space for you to experiment and try new things, without any worries!! And after each 2hour singing lesson of the workshop, the only thing hurting was my feet (from standing up) not my voice😅

I do recommend him as a singing teacher for everyone who wants to explore and unfold his/hers singing abilities, and he is more than willing to give more workshops in conservatoriums here in Greece to expand the knowledge of the CVT method and a healthy way of singing!

I am very happy to have met him and I’m looking forward to spent more time together next summer!

Till then, stay bright and smiley as you always are